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StraxCorp’s ultimate mission is striving to deliver a world without fragility fractures, where healthy mobility can be a reality for all; through improving bone health diagnostics to a point where interventions can occur earlier to maintain healthy bones well into later life. Drug companies have delivered excellent products, able to arrest /slow down decay, or build bones, but they are underutilized with existing technologies. StraxCorp wants to offer clinicians more diagnostic information to support bone density and improve preventative strategies to keep bones healthy for longer in patients. To achieve this, StraxCorp has embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver diagnostic options that could help achieve this goal with existing therapy.



Strax HR-pQCT

Strax HR-pQCT ( 0413) is a new, small, lightweight (120 kg), High Resolution peripheral Quantitative Computer Tomography device. The final product is expected to launch by Q1 2020 with CE mark, TGA and FDA. It will have a resolution of around 75-80 micron and expose patients to negligible levels of radiation during a scan of the wrist (3-6 microSieverts).

StraxCorp will offer both 1) a clinical device, & 2) a non-FDA cleared R&D only device.

The clinical device will only offer scanning of the wrist (Radius), specifically for routine screening of patients. It will be linked directly to Strax AI software for processing and generating a Strax Fragility Score (SFS) report.

The fully flexible R&D device will have full functionality for working on hand, wrist, elbow, upper arm, foot, ankle, and knee. This device will be connected to Strax 1.0 for real time quantitative analysis of research images as well as full 3D reconstruction of images.

Strax Fragility Score (SFS)

Strax1.0 is a stand-alone, CE approved ( 2797) medical diagnostic software. SFS is generated by Strax1.0. It is designed and validated as an imminent risk of fracture tool (within 2 years) in non-osteoporotic patients over 70 years of age. Presently it is only validated in females.

StraxCorp recently published on this measurement in JBMR plus in a Mayo Cohort demonstrating the power of a bi-variate approach.1. StraxCorp has also validated SFS on a large cohort demonstrating the performance of SFS alone, with Bone Mineral Density(BMD), and BMD/FRAX. SFS is calculated off the Strax HRpQCT and utilizes AI algorithms throughout the whole automated image processing to clinical report.

SFS specifically determines microstructural deterioration – this deterioration increases bone fragility exponentially and the fragility is disproportionate to the bone loss causing modest reductions in BMD. This is why SFS is the perfect diagnostic aid to support and co-exist with BMD. All non-osteoporotic patients over 70 can be screened for imminent risk of fracture (1-2 years). Patients that are missed today have the potential to now be treated to prevent the first fragility fracture.

1. Zebaze, Roger, et al. JBMR Plus. 2018.Nov 1.

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Strax HR-pQCT is manufactured by an approved 3rd party supplier and is exclusively sponsored and distributed by StraxCorp Pty Ltd Australia