Strax HR-pQCT

The Strax HR-pQCT device

The first generation device will offer:

  • High Resolution Images – 75-80 micron voxel size (FDA, CE, TGA)
  • Negligible Levels of Radiation – 3-6 microSieverts
  • Fast Scanning
  • Small Footprint – The device footprint is 58 X 91 cm (23X36 inches)
  • Standard 155/220/240 V outlet and ‘Self Shielded Device’ (SSD) -no additional cooling required
  • Consistent Images – All Strax HR-pQCT customers will have the same quality scanning image globally – no manufacturer to manufacturer variations that can impact the performance of HR-pQCT images


  • Bone fragility assessment using an Artificial Intelligence solution and a deep learning framework  – With the new HR-pQCT device, Strax uses proprietary machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to automatically analyse scans with state of the art accuracy and precision, providing users with powerful tools of diagnosis and monitoring
  • Flexibility – can be used in imaging centers, hospitals, and even a primary care setting – CT images/AI can be used in the primary care setting for better access to patients for screening, monitoring therapy and patient management
  • Suitable for patients 25 to 181 kg (50 to 400 lbs)

For more information or if you have additional questions please contact us

Strax HR-pQCT is manufactured by an approved 3rd party supplier and is exclusively sponsored and distributed by StraxCorp Pty Ltd Australia